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Our client is an established, rapidly growing Multinational Product Engineering Service Company with a rich heritage in offshore product development.  To stay ahead of competition and its fast growth, they approach us to redesign their website. At the time of the discussion, client employs a HTML based static website and is seeking to build a more robust CMS platform enabling better scalability, future enhancement enabled architecture.  We have design and developed seven content management based websites including one product engineering websites, two group websites and four product microsites for the clients service and product portfolio.


We came up with the implementation of a flexible Joomla 3.0.3 based CMS system that allowed client for constant updates on the website. We integrated a suitable theme, reflecting values and propositions that relevant to the company. We have designed and developed all website with a unique look and feel across websites. Our team worked closely with the client to identify the needs using an interactive process to focus on the overall website architecture. Though the project’s deadline was very tight, we able to deliver on-time website build in Joomla 3.0.3. The project scope covered UI & UX design, development phase, scoping, building and release phases. In addition we implemented lots of other functionalities including Google Analytics tracking, enabling continuous optimization of website performance.

Highlights of the System:

Implementation of Content Management System

  • Mass content updates. Client can add, edit any articles, sections, categories within seconds.
  • Content Versioning system saves a back up of every article when the content changes allowing you to rollback to previous versions.
  • Archive system automatically moves, archives or deletes categorized articles controlled by the expiration date of any article.
  • Content approval workflow will revise, edit and approve article changes before going live with those changes.
  • Intuitive operation of the CMS.
  • Access to CMS using any web browser.
  • Automatic archiving of expired contents.
  • PDF format (export to pdf) and print web page feature.
  • Article review feature.
  • Ability to enter Meta Keywords and Description for each article.

Complete design and branding of the website interface using custom developed theme.

Advanced Web Security:

  • Upload malicious files
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Parameter manipulation
  • DOS attack

Sign up with Linked In:

  • Authenticate using LinkedIn service
  • Gather social profile data
  • Add contact to sales force CRM
  • Remember repeat visit

Sales force CRM integration

Reports & Logs

  • Audit of content updates
  • Audit of content approval
  • Download
  • Registration
  • Google Analytics

Content Approval workflow

  • Content authorization workflow
  • Publish only after approval
  • Only register user has the access to the downloads

Roles and Permission
Advance search
Auto generated sitemap
Search Engine Optimized websites
Contact Us/Enquiry form


We have successfully completed all the websites within the time frame we have agreed to the client. The overall requirements were met and the client is very satisfied with the end product.