Aagro Star

Our experience in diverse industry verticals coupled with our ability to innovate will form the solid basis on which we build productive and rewarding partnership with our clients.


  • Our client is one of the largest Agricultural Company in India. NetiApps developed a complete Customer Relationship Management System for them.
  • Custom fields and Blocks for the required functionality.
  • Complex Visibility permissions were involved in the Challenges according to user wise of the CRM.
  • District, Taluka, Crop1, Crop2, Crop3, SMS language etc pick list was basic importance to build the CRM.
  • Pick list dependency of District on Taluka was a big challenge to implement as pick list value for both the field was very huge.
  • Multiple Soap API integration with CRM.
  • Soap APIs Integration to get Agricultural product description from other application, Price of individual Agricultural product, Push back Agricultural product details to other application, get capture Invoice details on CRM from other application, capture of every line item of Invoice from other application.
  • Add row functionality from crop field.
  • Auto generation of Subject field of Sales order module.
  • Implementation of Discount amount and discount % for every line item according to MRP and Selling Price.
  • Auto mapped address information from Contact to Sales order.
  • SMS integration according to workflow.
  • Contact list import for more than 2000 customer into CRM
  • To configure the Server for better performance of CRM.


It was very interesting and challenging project to work with our Client. They were very supportive for each and every analysis and implementation.

  • The Vtiger CRM was well suited for this application, customizing the themes, login and other screens as per Client requirement.
  • Created some custom field through coding because Vtiger CRM does not support add row functionality for fields.
  • Complex Visibility permissions was achieved by analysing the permissions and accessibility.
  • 'District' and 'Taluka' was the biggest of all, because huge list of values were the troublesome to add the values to the pick list. Managed to achieve the desired result.
  • Auto generation of Subject achieved successfully by customization of code in CRM.
  • API – 1st  integration: In this API we have to fetch all the line item products details in real time from other application on which line item product were stored, we achieved this integration successfully.
  • API – 2nd integration: Through this API integration we were able to provide the functionality to find out the MRP and Selling price of particular product stored on other application in real-time. This API is implemented because client want to only know the product MRP and selling price through quick search tab.
  • API – 3rd  integration: This API integration provided the functionality to push back the line item product details back to other application on which Invoice were generating for sales order on Vtiger CRM. This integration was bit complex but achieved successfully.
  • API – 4th  integration: Through this API integration we were able to capture invoice on Vtiger which were created on other application. Achieved successfully.
  • API – 5th  integration: Though this API integration we were capturing the line item details of a particular product which were dispatched on other application. Achieved successfully.
  • Implementation of Discount amount and discount % for every line item according to MRP and Selling Price while creating the sales order on vtiger achieved successfully by custom code.
  • SMS integration according to workflow achieved successfully by configure the SMS server on Vtiger CRM.
  • Contact list import for more than 2000 customer into CRM achieved successfully by some modification in f provided file by client.
  • Server Configuration for concurrent users. Using Linux hosting, allot the typical memory configuration and Processor distribution. And other server based configuration and versions.
  • Optimising the Application and MySql queries for speed concerns and caching the pages by server.


Client satisfied with the functionality in the CRM built using Vtiger and custom code and also relies on us to continue enhancing the application with additional features and Support.