Alma Mater

Our experience in diverse industry verticals coupled with our ability to innovate will form the solid basis on which we build productive and rewarding partnership with our clients.


Alma Mater is an online brand for customized merchandise and alumni memorabilia for schools, colleges and companies. The core products which Alma Mater specializes in are t-shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, bulk custom printed t-shirts, hoodies and personalized gifts.

  • Our client is a large merchandising company in India serving its mercantile customers for more than two decades.  NetiApps developed a state-of-the-art Customer Relation Management application to replace the earlier group of discrepant applications for the client's customer management.
  • Creation of Custom fields and Blocks spread across three different modules.
  • Involved Building and managing over 20 Roles.
  • Mail manager Configuration with IMAP to ease feasibility of accessing emails.
  • Custom data buckets created accross various roles and profiles to ease out data sorting.
  • Programming of 70 event triggers and Workflows to ease out data transfer between different departments automatically.
  • Third Party SMS integration and sending out appropiriate sms on each event trigger.
  • Integrating third party Inventory Solution to make inventory process smooth and managable.
  • Magento integration to effeciently take care of those enquires coming through Magento customers..
  • Optimising the server security to keep check over spam mails .


  • The Vtiger CRM was well suited for this application, customizing the themes, login and other screens as per Client requirement.
  • Profiles, Roles and Groups based on the department and Hierarchy.
  • Workflows and event triggers for movement of data across various departments. Implemented as per the requirement
  • Third party SMS Integration achieved successfully adding an extra bit of flavour for communicating the Order Cycle.
  • Optimising the Application and MySql queries for speed concerns and caching the pages by server.
  • Integrated Magento with our system using API's to ease out communication between these two entity systems. This allows the new enquiries/orders created onto Magento, to be automatically feeded to our CRM System, thus avoiding any data loss and extra human effort.
  • Integrated a third party Inventory Solution to carry out order processing simultaneously while marinating a track of various inventory parameter. This helps both systems function independently, yet communicating with each other at various levels to ease out the order processing collaboratively.


A fully fledged CRM comprising various features was implemented successfully. Provided features are :

  • Magento Integration
  • Efficient Movement of data across various departments based on multiple workflow parameters.
  • Custom data buckets to ease out data sorting.
  • SMS triggers to  enhance communication between different departments..
  • Mail manager IMAP support to read all mails into the inbox, thus making email access a simpler than ever process.
  • Third party Inventory System Integration, encouraging cross-platform communication, enhancing a smooth and reliable order processing mechanism..
  • A fully fledged system capable of handling complex calculation while creating and generating invoices, enquires & work-orders.