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Handheld Device Android Application Development for one of the largest Courier and Logistic Company


case study

Handheld Device Android Application Development for one of the largest Courier and Logistic Company

Our Client, DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd are one of the largest courier company in India  having more than 7000 franchises and branches worldwide. DTDC operators use desktop application to record  their shipment details at branches, apexes etc. The system consists of barcode scanner, weighing machine and printers . Soon the client realized the drawbacks of using  a desktop application and decide to go mobile application.
Highlight of the Mobile App
Routing Optimization

Routing Optimization

real time supply chain

Realtime Supply chain

Returns or  reverse logistics

Returns or reverse logistics

Shipment tracking

Shipment Tracking



Instant label printing

Instant label printing

The drawback of current arrangements using in Desktop application is

  • It’s very tough to carry the bulk shipments to the place of operation.
  • The operator need to sit in a place and he/she will bring all the shipments to his place and he will scan and record the shipment details.
  • It's hard to record the shipments received from the airport.
To overcome the issues what operators are facing, DTDC Management planned to replace the current desktop app with mobility system and asked NetiApps to build an Android Application Development which is having extra hardware such as a barcode scanner
  • Easily record any kind of shipment, it may bulk or small since for the bulk shipments they can carry the small handheld to that place and could record.
  • The operator need not carry all shipments to one place to record instead they can move across all the places and will be able to scan the records easily.
  • For airport operations, the operator will carry the mobile and he will be able to record the shipment details
  • It’s a reliable and easy to use application
The software will also facilitate to print a Routing label with the help of Bluetooth printer/Network printer.
  • The application is exclusively made for DTDC Operators using in DTDC Branches/Apex/Airports, it will not be available in public app stores like Google Play Store.
  • The Architecture of the application is designed in line with the existing DTDC database structure.
  • The operator/users should have an Android phones having an extra hardware barcode scanner called as Handheld/HHT(Hand Held Terminal).
  • The device authentication is checked by using IMEI/MAC of the handheld along with operator login.
  • The application contains 2 main modules namely Incoming/Inbound and Outgoing/Outbound. Incoming module is to save all the shipments received to the DTDC Branch/Apex/Airport. Outgoing module will save all shipments delivering from different DTDC locations (Branch, Franchisee, Airport, Apex).
  • Both incoming outgoing modules are again classified to sub modules based on the shipments type operator scanning are as below,

These Android devices are exclusively built for these kind of operations where the operator need to quickly scan a barcode. One single application is compatible for all Barcode scanners(HHT's). Application will find the Build Manufacturer and triggers their barcode scanning library to read the value scanned by operator.

Supported devices

Along with many barcode scanner compatibility application will also uses Bluetooth/Network printer to print a Routing Label(routing information) of shipment.

  • The Bluetooth/Network printers are used in application are TSC Bluetooth/Network printer, Zebra Bluetooth/Network printer.
  • The Routing Label is 4*3 inches label contains an information of bag such as weight, route number of pieces it contains, from coming, to going etc.
  • There is one more printing mechanism using in application is to print Manifest sheet is “Google Cloud Print”.
  • The Manifest print is A4 sheet print, used to get information of manifesting inside a bag.
  • naugat
  • sql
  • json
  • xml
  • java
  • linux
  • apache
  • php
  • mysql
  • codeigniter


  • 1 - PM/SPOC
  • 4 - Android developers
  • 2 - PHP developers
  • 2 - UI/UX persons
  • 2 - Server side specialist
  • 2 - Quality analysts