DTDC Geoscout

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Our Client, DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd is one of the largest courier company in India and having more than 7000 franchisees and branches worldwide. NetiApps was asked to develop a Mobile application to capture their franchisee’s location details.

Highlights of the Portal

This particular mobile application developed for the internal use for DTDC to view and share the location detail of Franchisees and get to know the details of every location. The Android app will give accurate details of the location using GPS and display location to the users easily. The authority can approve the location details captured by the user by going the web UI developed using Drupal. Using this application, user can tag the latitude, longitude against their Franchisees, Branches & CCC locations and sync with web UI (Drupal).

  • App user will tag a location which is stored in their local storage.
  • Locations can be tagged offline because all the locations are inside local storage of the app.
  • App user will go to different DTDC locations (Branch, Franchisee, CCC) and tag those locations through the GPRS mechanism.
  • App user will capture all the locations details as well as max 3 images. Once they will click on the save button, present on App UI, all the value will be stored locally against a locations.
  • Any locations can be re-tag 'N' number of times.
  • App user can sync these location to server (Web UI) by using any 2G/3G or Wi-Fi network.
  • There is auto sync as well as manual sync mechanism to store all these tagged locations to Web UI (Drupal).
  • On web UI, authenticated user can view those tagged locations according to their access privileges.
  • Authenticated user of web UI will approve those locations, if all the captured locations details is correct.
  • If locations details are not correct, web user can reject that location on web UI.
  • Rejected locations will appear in different tab on mobile app and can be re-tag again.
  • Once tagged locations approved on web UI, it will be pushed to DTDC live DB by using REST API and marked as approved.


With a commitment to quality and deep technical knowledge base, NetiApps was able to provide the client a consolidated solution for capturing the location details with the flexibility required to handle future growth.


Mobile - Android 4.4, Eclipse Luna, SQLite

Web - Linux, Apache, Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Drupal 7, HTML5, CSS, Javascript/jQuery