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We offer customizable LMS that comes with a wide range of services and our proficient team makes sure you get what you are looking for.

eFront is an open source E-learning software that facilitates online learning by assembling various learning communities on the net. eFront is beneficial to people who do not have the time or the convenience to travel far and wide to attend an educational program of their choice.

eFront is preliminarily designed for creation of online learning communities. It offers various tools for content creation, analysis, management of projects, reporting, forum chat, internal messaging, surveys, and other miscellaneous functions for which it was awarded for in 2010.

NetiApps, a Bangalore based E-learning development company, devises eFront in such a manner that its usage is simplified by removing all the intricacies which are formally involved in it. Our E-learning development team have extended the usage of eFront towards medium level firms, where they formulate it keeping convenience and feasibility in mind.

What We Offer You?

Our E-learning development team, at NetiApps, create and alter features of eFront in such a way that it meets the needs of professionals, educational institutes, as well as technical individuals who use eFront. Our eFront development offers the following features:

We carry out E-learning Development on the following platforms:

eFront is commonly included in lists of well known open source learning systems.

User Management

efront streams a straightforward user management system and we at NetiApps design it in an artistic way so that the complexities are nullified.
Files Management Our eFront based web applications can keep track of all the files created or uploaded via eFront.  This makes it easy to keep a record of the same, so that the user can easily find them within couple of minutes and extract the data as and when needed.

Courses and Lessons

eFront has been designed for the usage of online communities and we have built learning portals where the courses can be updated on it. They can be altered over time. Similarly, our customized applications can be referred to the same by varied online users who can access the lessons with ease.

Assignment Builders

Besides learning portals, NetiApps also provides the facility for creating assignments for individuals or a mass of users such as for online courses, colleges, online classes/lectures, and the like. These can be easily accessed by the users as soon as they enroll for the courses.


Reports relating to the courses covered, lessons learnt, and the individual progress of the member can be generated for evaluation. eFront solutions delivered by NetiApps, helps in knowing the progress and growth of the online users and in knowing the amount of work to be put in to achieve the desired end results.

Enrollment Methods

Varied procedures of enrollment are offered by our eFront web applications for assuage of the innumerous members of online learning communities. Every member can choose the kind of enrollment procedure that is best suitable and this can reduce encumbrances in the process.

Communication Tools

We have facilitated a common icon for chat for the online community members where they can interact with each other, socialize, and add to their knowledge by personally conversing with another user.

Payment Integration

Incorporation of the feature for disbursement of payment of eFront users is essential. Our web developers have built this option in a way where it helps in keeping a tab on the payment records and knowing details relating to the knowledge to be imbibed by them during the whole process.

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