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NetiApps’s main task was to develop a full fledge education portal solution based on Drupal.The Customer’s main requirements were: support of custom user-interface themes, easily changeable portal layout and general user friendliness.


The development process was preceded by an in-depth investigation of the Customers business-model and business processes. In this education portal application [], where students can come and search collages and courses by state, city and category wise. For the collages, they can register with the portal and post information. More specifically, this system is designed to allow an administrator to manage and communicate with students as well as collages.

Highlights of the system

Advance Search Facility: Students can able search collages based on city, state and categories wise.

Content Management: The administrator of this portal can insert, edit and delete contents very easily.

User Administration: Very effective user administration according to their roles.

  • Some other administration features are given below.
  • Role based access control for functionalities enabled for students and colleges.
  • Login and extendable profile information system for both students and colleges.
  • Content Management features - to extend the default content system (categorizing,tagging, display and searching)
  • An advertising system that enables you to post various ad types into enabled regions in the site's display template.
  • Flexibility in content display and listing.
  • Content widgets for display in various regions of the site: [New colleges], [TopColleges], [Newly registered students]

E-Commerce: An e-commerce platform for selling book, CD’s, study materials etc. Some important features of this e-commerce integration are:

  • Unlimited products [for example: e-books, CD’s, study materials, etc.]
  • Unlimited categories
  • Discount coupons
  • Multi-currency
  • Product reviews
  • Multiple tax rates
  • Shipping weight calculations
  • Printable invoices

Payment Gateway: We have provided users with fast, reliable and secure passage for transaction using visa, credit card, debit card, maser card etc.

Advanced Advertisement System: We have in-corporate advance advertisement system that enables administrator to post various advertisements into enabled regions of in sites display template.

SEO Optimized Portal: Better website visibility or that of a webpage across various search engines by means of organic or natural search result. We had optimized the website URL with some keywords. However we are very specific about

  • Implementing right keywords that are favorites amongst the searchers.
  • Placing these keywords in the best possible way and at the right place for maximum output.
  • Efficient coding and linking techniques.

PPC Management: we have provided a Pay per Click management of advertisement posted on your website. This will give a report on, how many times an user click on a particular advertisement on the website.

Subscription: Collages can able to subscribe for making their own pages in this portal, which will cost them to maintain their pages and dashboard. It will acts like a microsite. Also we can provide featured advertisement of collages in the home page itself. This is like a web presence builder that gives collages the advantage of extending their profile reach easily in to search engine and social media destinations.

Micro site features are:

  • College profile and landing page.
  • Messages section – news items and events.
  • Forum for discussion space.
  • Manage design – banner, etc.

Collages: Each collage will be able to create an account on the portal, which enable them to do the following things.

  • Maintain (create/update/delete) a profile for the college, with relevant information’s and photos.
  • A contact page for each profile to point to a contact form which emails results to the relevant user.
  • Provide social media links and appropriate presentation of college profile information in the listings, with search ability.
  • They will get a notification prior one month before their expiry date.
  • They can able to take a report based on how many enquiries generate during some period of time.

Students: Each student will be able to maintain their account on the portal, which enable them to do the following things

  • Maintain a profile on the user account with their information
  • Be able to send enquiries to collages as well as the client for information they might seek.

Address Book: An address book import feature enabled for site users to send invitations to other support providers like Gmail, yahoo, etc.

Social Media Plug-in: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn integration.

Networking: Students and Collages can able to build a network across this portal using in-built blog, forums etc.


The Client is satisfied with the performance of the website built in Drupal 6 and they rely on us to continue optimizing the site with additional features.

Technologies Used

Linux, Apache, PHP, MySql, Drupal 6, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery

Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Portal Development
  • Content Management System
  • E-Commerce