Just Recover

Our experience in diverse industry verticals coupled with our ability to innovate will form the solid basis on which we build productive and rewarding partnership with our clients.


JustRecover, a division of Digicomp was established as a affordable, high quality, professional, reliable all in one zone offering repair services, accessory sales, trade in of used and maintenance zone to help customers manage lifecycle of all Digital Products. The main goal of this E-Store development is enable buy back trade in programs on behalf of sponsoring brands/customers. Through JustRecover, JustFix was looking to turn more of their digital audience into online paying subscribers.  For this NetiApps has to provided a user experience that was relevant and seamless as possible in order to prove the value of being a subscriber.

Highlight of the System

We came up with the implementation of a flexible Drupal 7 and Drupal commerce based B2C market place system that allowed our client to make digitalize their store.  We integrated a suitable theme that reflecting values and propositions that were relevant to the company. Our design and development team worked closely with the client to identify the client’s needs using an interactive process to focus on the overall portal architecture. Though the project’s deadline was very tight, we were able to deliver the website built using Drupal 7, on time. The project scope covered UI and UX design, development phase, scoping, building, and release phases. In addition to this, we implemented lots numerous other functionalities, some of the salient features are

  • End to End design conceptualization- wire framing, design implementation and customization.
  • Two-Way service for product import, inventory lookup and order status update, along with the usage/case documentation.
  • Integratio0n of Dot Net based 3rd Party Inventory system.
  • Integration of a custom Payment Gateway.
  • Tuning Drupal for typical Ecommerce non-functional config and VPS.
  • A well managed platform for online marketing and selling
  • Send/post expose a new product category in the inventory to the Ecommerce system over a Restful channel. - This operation will push a new product category into the ecommerce system along with information on how to retrieve individual products from the exposed category – usually through a structured semantic/syndication format - xml/json or RSS/OPML/Atom. The format will need to contain a unique identifier /SKU for each individual product.
  • Retrieve individual products in a particular product category - Operation relies on a Restful sync service . to import new product items into the ecommerce system.
  • Lookup inventory against a particular SKU and return current stock level - Offers a low latency restful channel to return current stock level of a product.
  • Send order status / shipping status / fulfillment status update to the Ecommerce application – The ecommerce system will update the sent values against the order so that all order-wise post purchase activity can happen entirely on the ecommerce site without any more remote service intervention or querying.


Digicomp is satisfied with the performance of the Portal built in Drupal 7 and they rely on us to continue optimizing the portal with additional features.

Technologies Used

Linux, Apache, PHP, MySql, Drupal 7, Drupal Commerce, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery

Services Provided

  • Custom Theme Development
  • B2C Market Place Development
  • Content Management System
  • E-Store Development
  • Online Payment Gateway Integration
  • Performance Tuning