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An advanced social networking portal base of your family


It is a social networking base of your family. As the name signifies, parivartree’s objective is to provide you a platform where you can connect with your own family members to share ideas, update information, connect with your own community etc. with the help of creating "Family Tree" (parivartree) which has got so much of importance in today's world.

Highlights of the Systems

NetiApps was invited by parivartree team to build a specialized social networking portal - a platform to connect family members. Privartree team, a group of enthusiasts with a substantial experience in different industries verticals - was inspired to leverage modern technology to give everyone an opportunity to fast and easily connect their own family members and reach widely. Parivartree had an existing website, they working with different agencies before. That was not working out for parivartree. So the parivartree team was looking for a technology partner with matching values, to re-construct the existing website.

Parivartree team liked NetiApps product development approach and after several rounds of discussion, NetiApps started working on the project. NetiApps decided to use Symfony, a leading PHP framework to build the portal. NetiApps’s robust and scalable solutions on symphony framework are excellent to meet enterprise’s most demanding needs. The core engine of the application would be the family tree and there are supporting modules like chat, forum, image and video library etc. will be loosely coupled to provide a seamless upgrade as go further. NetiApps leveraged the most efficient of the latest technologies to ensure high quality of each layer of the solution allowing users work efficiently.


Top notch Visual Tree Display for Depth, Length, relation, invite, chat, Video, Photo etc

Members can create relation by clicking on the + symbol, this will open up a model popup for choosing a list of relationship and update the demography


It’s a 1:1 Chat available for any members to chat with in the entire family tree, user has the option to change the status like available, DND, invisible etc.


This application will have 3rd Party streaming media server like your tube/vimo for all video uploads, this will be embedded on the portal and based on the permission users can see this, same will be in cases of photo albums


Send message for members, this will also have notification from administration, marketing messaging etc.


Discussion form


Use can post what is in their mind/Images/Video on there wall

User Registration

Users can get an account on the site by filling out a simple registration form, coupled with email validation & activation. Once they log in the system prompt to update their profile data

Facebook Sign in

User Can choose to sign in with Facebook directly. On authorization of parivaartree application, the system will import the user's email address, name and basic biographical data. Once they log in the system prompt to update their profile data

Inviting Friends

Members can user their FB/Gmail/ Yahoo address book to send invitation to join the network

Search Member

Search all members that are in the network

Add Relation

The user can add a relation - or bridged - find a user by email address and tag him / her as a relation. Otherwise (if the user does not exist on the system) - add a new relationship node with various biographical data. Subsequently, offer the utility to send an invite to the newly added relation

Edit Relation - Any user has the ability to modify (ie, create revisions) of relations they have created.


Delete Relation


Any user has the ability to delete a relations they have created. In such event the system will prompt


In the development, NetiApps applied a smart architectural approach, implemented a powerful technology to provide security and high end performance. A lot of attention was paid to the system performance, stability, and caching mechanisms. The application is a scalable one which behaves adequately under high load.



Server Side : Apache , PHP , MySql, Symfony Framework

Client Side : JavaScript & HTML5 ,CSS3

Web Services: Restfull API to Provide a web-service with full CRUD features on the social graph for external integrations (ex: mobile app, fb app, etc)

Hardware : Leveraged on Amazon Ec2 Instance for Performance and Scalability

Services Provided