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QNET is one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies, offering meaningful products in diverse markets. QNET provide borderless opportunities through E-Commerce platform to everyday people in more than 100 countries. Our Aim was to implement the billing software to ease out their day-to-day billing workload.

  • Exporting the data from an excel sheet and matching it appropriately with the fields.
  • Maintaining uniqueness among exported data.
  • Movement of data through various departments and back to the admin, after completion of process cycle.
  • Automatically generating an invoice on a click of button.
  • Complex tax calculations based on the Warehouse in the different states.
  • Maintaining distributed Product Masters.
  • PDF integration for invoices.
  • Complex reporting structure.


  • Uploading excel sheet to our Software by creating relevant custom fields and condition to skip the duplicates, thus maintain uniqueness of data.
  • Automatic generation of invoices achieved through complex programming.
  • Complex tax calculation with respect to VAT/CST/Tax etc achieved successfully.
  • Invoice generation in warehouse, and PDF output using default PDF tool in Vtiger.
  • Reporting achieved through various parameters combined together to give accurate reports.
  • Custom Report generation tools is been introduced for better accessibility.


Client satisfied with the functionality involved in the billing software built with lot of customization to reach its need was successful, relies on us to continue enhancing the application with additional features and Support.