Radio Web

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A new web-architecture for, a carnatic music internet radio. Previously radioweb employs a  wordpress based website and is seeking to build a more robust web platform enabling better scalability, feature enhancements and architecture.

Highlights of the System

Front End Functionality:

The website enables a uniform and cross-platform, cross- device HTML5 interface (with a flash fallback) to play media on the website to its users and subscribers. It allows users to buy pay-to-listen subscription as well as features a buy-to-download option for each individual song or program.

Song Database

  • Database granularized to individual songs or media clips, maintainable with both read write access to its metadata (via id3 tags)
  • Classification and categorization of the songs into various collections and vocabularies with configurability.
  • Secure file-system storage of the media.
  • Flexibility of access control.


  • Programs are XML playlist standard, creatable by RJs on the fly, through selection of songs from the database.
  • Creation Interface: Filter, Search and Drill-down through song categorization parameters → Insert custom clips or jingles → order playlist → dynamically calculate cumulative duration of the songs to constrain program duration.
  • Scheduling and content publication workflows (moderation).
  • Program text/image content and design templates.

User System:

The application support a role based user-system with fine-grained access control to moderate privilege, feature exposure and content access.


The store is full featured e-commerce cart that facilitate the sales of website subscriptions, digital file downloads, access to premium contents, etc.

Statistics and Royalty Calculation

  • Track all users
  • Log user activity and audio play count
  • Reporting
  • Royalty cost calculation
  • Export report as csv

Audio Manipulation:

Programmatic/automated audio manipulation and processing with FFmpeg and SoX

Streams and Player:

  • Media as HTTP- pseudo streams
  • JW Player front-end with XSPF playlists.
  • Device/client compatibility: HTML 5 presentation with fallback to Flash .

Content System:

The application will extend content management support for a variety of content


We have successfully completed the portal development within the time frame we have agreed to the client. The overall requirements were met and the client is very satisfied with the end product.

Services Provided

  • Custom Theme Development
  • Web Development
  • Content Management System
  • E-Commerce