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Saralavastu CG parivar is one of the biggest vaastu consultants in India. NetiApps developed a complete Customer Relationship Management System for the client.


  • Custom fields and Blocks for the required functionality.
  • Requirement to build more than 250 Roles and 400 groups using Vtiger CRM.
  • Complex Grouping and Visibility permissions.
  • StateàCityà District Picklist dependency was basic importance to build the CRM.
  • Based on the combination of StateàCityàDistrict, 700 more workflows were built into the CRM.
  • Role Hierarchy distribution for more than 250 Roles and Sub Roles.
  • Enquiry to Bookings Conversions.
  • Bookings to Schedule Events.
  • Bookings to Receipts.
  • Third Party SMS integration to send an SMS based on every booking.
  • Assigning through SMS alerts to the field expert employees.
  • Vtiger CRM Reports with Email Scheduled Reports Functionality.
  • Trouble Ticket Automated escalation based on escalation periods.
  • Vtiger inventory module implementation with Custom built permission on visibility to the line items and price information.
  • Inventory flow from Head officeàRegional officeàBranch officeàExpertsàCustomers and Reports.
  • Asstecs Integration.
  • To configure the Server for more than 250-300 Concurrent users logged in.
  • Optimising the Application and Server for Speed concerns.


It was a very interesting and challenging project to work on. Our client was very supportive through each and every step of analysis and implementation.

  • The Vtiger CRM was well suited for this application, customizing the themes, login and other screens as per client's requirement.
  • Creating numbers of fields in every module to achieve the functionality.
  • Creating Profiles, Roles and Groups based on the department and Hierarchy.
  • Permissions(R-W) to the Department Roles.
  • Complex Grouping was achieved by analysing the permissions and accessibility.
  • StateàCityàDistrict was the biggest of all because the huge list of values were difficult to the pick list. We managed to achieve the desired result.
  • Workflows were called backbone of the application. Implemented as per the requirement.
  • Mapping the Enquiry fields along with custom mandatory fields to Bookings fields.
  • Third party SMS Integration achieved.
  • SMS to the Experts users based adding events was the challenging task which was achieved successfully.
  • CRM Reports with Email Scheduled Reports functionality was implemented with few customizations.
  • Trouble ticket Automated escalation was achieved through CRON. A lot of escalation analysis based was done for the duration and execution of the CRON for the desired functionality.
  • Vtiger Inventory modules and permissions to Dispatch and other departments were forbidden to certain fields and line items, implemented with efforts.
  • Inventory transactions from Head officeàRegional officeàBranch officeàExperts. Maintaining the Stock distribution and Relevance to the inventory based on Role Hierarchy was achieved.
  • Reports on Inventory achieved using desired functionality.
  • Asstecs Integration, communicating with Third party Asstecs Integration. We have established the communication with other servers and have made a way to implement the click to call scenario.
  • Server Configuration for more than 250-300 concurrent users. Using Linux hosting, we allotted  the typical memory configuration and Processor distribution,Along with other server based configuration and versions.
  • Optimising the Application and MySQL queries for speed concerns and caching the pages by server.


The client was satisfied with the functionality in the CRM built using Vtiger and they rely on us to continue enhancing the application with additional features and support.