Wealth Junction

Our experience in diverse industry verticals coupled with our ability to innovate will form the solid basis on which we build productive and rewarding partnership with our clients.

Wealth Junction services was initially setup in April 2002 and managed by qualified and experienced financial experts and now is one of the well recognized financial consultant company. Wealth Junction is known for its professional approach towards finding solutions for any kind of Indian and offshore insurance & investment requirements applying proper financial planning techniques and risk management. 


  • Building a CRM application for our  client based on:
  • The Products and services provided by Wealth Junction.
  • Type of customer Individual or corporate.
  • Based on the company, wealth junction has tied up with.
  • Building a Organisation, Contacts , products , Sale Items, Endorsements , customer portal, Documents and Claims  modules and creating a custom fields as per the requirements
  • Based on Type of Customer, Organisation module has to indicate the users in user friendly manner.
  • Policy holder should receive a welcome portal email once the contact has been created.
  • Multiple products to be created against the contact and should have provision to include the policy members into the products
  • Based type of sale item, fields should behave dynamically.
  • Automation of Renewal dates based on inception date and policy start date.
  • Endorsements calculation based on No. Of Persons added and deleted in policy and Premiums
  • Current Endorsements purely rely on previous endorsement figures.
  • Contacts should have link with Endorsements.
  • Claims against the contacts.
  • Contacts having Dependency and dependent relation with Endorsements.
  • Sharing access and permissions based on the requirements.
  • Documents upload against the policy or record.
  • Portal access to customer and provision to view the related information and download the documents.
  • Extraction of Reports based on server factors and conditions in user friendly manner.


It was very interesting and challenging project to work with our Client. They were very supportive for each and every analysis and implementation.

  • The Vtiger CRM was well suited for this application, customizing the themes, login and other screens as per Client requirement.
  • Creating numbers of fields in every module to achieve the functionality.
  • Creating Profiles, Roles and Groups based on the department and Hierarchy.
  • Permissions(R-W) to the Department Roles.
  • Logical implementation with respect to Endorsements was interesting and achieved.
  • Dynamic field arrangements were a tricky task based on the Sale items selected.
  • Premiums mapping and calculation on single click was successfully achieved.
  • Module relativity and linking the dependents was implemented as per the client need.
  • Customer portal functionality built successfully.
  • Customized report functionality as per the client need.
  • Dynamic addition of fields and functionality to the dependents successfully achieved.
  • Server configuration and Migration.
  • Optimising the Application and MySql queries for speed concerns and caching the pages by server.
  • Training to the users and expertise the usability.


Client satisfied with the functionality in the CRM built using Vtiger and relies on us to continue enhancing the application with additional features and Support.