6 Reasons Why Laravel Rocks

6 Reasons Why Laravel Rocks

One of the biggest advantages to Laravel is that it comes with email readiness, right from the get-go.

  1. Authentication Technique and Authorization Systems: The implementation of authentication techniques is very simple with Laravel. Almost everything is configured extraordinarily. It has a simple method to create authorization logic and also controls the access to its resources by verifying users right at the beginning, all this to prevent unauthorized user access, which is a major concern. This step allows the developers to be tension-free!
  2. Inbuilt Object-Orientation Libraries: One of the reasons why the demand for Laravel is higher than other frameworks is because it comes with the much-needed pre-installed object-oriented libraries. It has more than 20 pre-installed libraries with the authentication library being the most famous. It also comes with the latest security features such as database and login securities, CSRF protection, and encryption among others.
  3. Integration of Mail Services: The SwiftMailer library along with the neat and simple APIs are the core strength of Laravel. Drivers like SparPost, Amazon SES, SMTP, Ailgun, Mandrill, etc… provide mail services integration for Laravel Framework. One of the biggest advantages of Laravel is that it comes with email readiness. Once integration with email services is done, any Laravel-based web application can leverage any cloud-based or local service to start to send emails. Notifications can also be sent across a variety of delivery channels, including Slack and SMS through Nexmo.
  4. Database Migration: Keeping the database b/w development machines in sync is a pain for most developers! Since they tend to make a lot of changes to the database that is hard to keep track of, options like MySQL Workbench for data sync are a bit tricky. But the data migration is very easy in Laravel, with the help of migrations and seeding. As long as all the database work is placed in migrations and seeds, you can migrate the changes into any development machine easily.
  5. Supports MVC Architecture: Laravel completely supports MVC (Model-View-Controller) Architecture which helps in easier code maintenance by placing them in layers/tiers. Here it is easier to edit a particular template or the underlying code without affecting the rest as data-manipulating logic is different from that which handles the display/presentation. It helps in better documentation and improves performance. It also contains many other much-needed built-in functionalities making it yet another reason to choose Laravel.
  6. Security: Laravel takes care of the security within its framework and uses a salted and hashed password (Bcrypt hashing algorithm can be for generating an encrypted representation of a password). It has simple methods to avoid user injection of the <script> tag. It makes use of prepared SQL statements to avoid injection attacks to the database.

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