A couple of Structured data fields was removed by Google from the help documents

A couple of Structured data fields was removed by Google from the help documents

Google has removed twelve documented structured knowledge fields from its facilitate documents citing these were removed as a result of their “unused by Google Search and made Result take a look at doesn’t flag warnings for them.”

What was removed? 

  • HowTo: description field.
  • QAPage: mainEntity.suggestedAnswer.author, mainEntity.dateCreated, mainEntity.suggestedAnswer.dateCreated, mainEntity.acceptedAnswer.author, mainEntity.acceptedAnswer.dateCreated, and mainEntity.author fields.
  • SpecialAnnouncement: provider, audience, serviceType, address, and category fields.

Google removed these 12 fields from the help documents to more accurately describe what Google Search and the Rich Results Test support.

Remove the code? Should you take away the code and fields from your structured information and code on your internet pages? No, you are doing not ought to. Google merely won’t support them; however, it doesn’t hurt you to stay the fields inhabited on your pages. Google merely won’t use them for Google Search.

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