Top HR Trends for 2019

Top HR Trends for 2019

It’s that time of the year when we look ahead at the major trends and themes that the human resources sector has to offer in 2019.

The year 2018 has been definitely been a year of employer branding and there was a complete focus on brand value. What will the year 2019 bring? Well without any further ado, let’s explore the top 4 trends that will likely come into being in 2019.

Hiring Right

It is a well-known fact that employees account for more than 85% of a company’s priced assets. Having said that, finding the right talent has always been critical and one of the most important aspects of success as well as the smooth running of the organization. The war for talent will continue as it has been for the past years, but finding the key talent for your organization has been more of what as we HR folks like to call it, an exact science. I have been into recruitment for decades and I do agree that sometimes it is serendipity, and there is a certain amount of what can be called luck, but there is definitely a process and expertise to finding that great fit for a role. End of the day, if you ask what is one of the deal-breakers for successful hiring? That would be a healthy and positive employer branding.

Skills, Skills, Skills

In today’s dynamic workplace there is no such thing as job security for employees, it is the value-added skills you can offer to the organization that will be the deciding factor on whether the organization will retain you or not. According to a recent survey report, re-skilling your expertise by at least 20% each year is going to be a regular requirement for millennial workers. Up-skilling has been something that has made a difference in the past too but keeping yourself constantly upgraded about the new technologies is now a mandate. Clearly, this is something employees have to prioritize and pencil in into their everyday lives so that they do not become redundant.

Continuous Learning

An extension of the reskilling/upskilling mandate, continuous learning is something all organizations encourage, and online/virtual learning has contributed majorly to this trend. Online learning is an easy, convenient, and budget-friendly way to ensure that employees learn new related technology in the ecosystem which will contribute to everyday work and add value to projects. At NetiApps we not just encourage the senior team members to take special classes, mentor specific skills to the juniors but also recommend some of the best online courses that add value. 2019 is likely to see a rise in this area with more organizations using technologies that support online learning.

Quality over Quantity – Always

One of my favorite quotes from Amit Ray is “Excellence comes when we balance quality with quantity.” This has consistently been the gold standard for businesses that aim to survive, thrive, and eventually grow by leaps and bounds. The resources and processes that add business value, by quality over quantity, will be the trend to watch out for in 2019, no matter which industry your organization belongs to.

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