Top Reasons Why Magento Is The Chosen One

Top Reasons Why Magento Is The Chosen One

Magento has come a long way in a very short time and has shown a great deal of improvement, all eagerly welcomed by e-commerce owners who are able to use it with ease and convenience for their operations.

The fact that prominent brands like Samsung, Fox Connect, Lenovo, etc… have been using it from the day of its launch, says a lot. Magento’s highly flexible platform has helped the users build several unique functions and thanks to its expandable features, it is a framework of choice for e-commerce developers. Its comprehensive framework makes it the first choice for both creations of a new store or for the upgrade to a newer version of the store. Still, wondering what makes Magento loved so? Here are a few features and reasons to consider!

  1. The Perfect E-commerce Platform: Though as a Content Management platform, WordPress ranks among the best it has not been developed with e-commerce in mind, the way Magento is. Magento has a lot of built-in e-commerce features like multi-language support, promotional pricing, layered navigation, newsletter management, personalized products, virtual products, etc. Magento is the one platform that principally focuses on being an e-commerce solution, with plenty of features and designs.
  2. Open-Source Support: One of the key reasons to pick Magento in comparison to other platforms is the fact that it is open-source, which makes it a favorite of the developers, for its community support, as much as it is for its accessibility and security features. It is perfectly adaptable and enables developers to modify the codes as per requirement. Magento is available in two editions – the Enterprise and Community. The Magento community edition is totally free and can be easily installed. A Magento expert can improve the performance of the Magento store and also upgrade your e-commerce website with new features and functionalities by installing the Magento modules. Magento has an extensive library of modules at the Magento Connect/Marketplace.
  3. Performance and Reliability: Most e-commerce companies seek top-quality performance to ensure the ultimate user experience, which is the foundation of the business! Keeping in mind the page load time, query processing time, and other dynamic or static operations, Magento is the absolute right fit. Whether you are exploring additional functionality or gathering parameters to tailor your website’s execution that also includes high-end cache systems, Magento delivers. It is quite obvious that even a few milliseconds of latency processing can completely drown the appeal of E-commerce websites with their potential customers and this is where Magento comes in. Magento is an open-source platform that can be configured and easily set up for high performance on customized infrastructure with your preferred hosting provider. The only thing that needs to be ensured is that you are working with a Magento Partner with regards to hosting management and code optimization.
  4. Multiple Tasks, Same Time: Magento has the ability to complete multiple tasks at the same time that helps in saving time, and allowing you to focus on other important things. Herewith a single and user-friendly admin panel the E-commerce merchants/developers can manage all of the customer information, billings among other items.
  5. Flexibility: Magento is remarkably flexible and suits any sort of industry. Developers are able to build a unique, impressive, and brilliant user experience based on multiple-device access. If the inbuilt components of Magento can’t match your needs then there would be other alternatives to build extensions and bring the required elements. This also has the ability to customize the back-end of the store to meet your specific needs. Ultimately, the control of interfaces and processing capabilities of the core solutions of E-commerce is all in your hands!
  6. Scalability: Magento is a scalable solution and can be used by anyone, no matter how small or large the business is! If it’s a small or new business it’s advised to begin with a basic community installation and later upgrade to Enterprise version. As the business grows, the scaling feature of Magento enables the inclusion of more features without crippling the website’s functioning. The community edition is highly scalable and is suitable for merchants of all sizes.
  7. Mobile Experience: Today we live in a world where we have devices of all possible configurations and users have no patience for downtime. Our developers vouch that Magento is the one platform that has proven that it can work across multiple devices, accurately and efficiently. Coupled with the HTML5 Magento platform can showcase a great shopping experience to the E-commerce customer base, browsing on mobile, which is a lot of people these days. It is easily customized and the built-in drag and drop features, making the website more aesthetic and ensuring a classy user experience.
  8. Integration: In Magento, it is possible to swiftly and efficiently integrate with a vast number of third-party services like database applications, payment gateway, shipment tracking, etc. PayPal, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Zendesk, etc are great examples of readily available integrations. It also has many built-in Google tools like Google Base, Google Checkout, and Google Analytics.
  9. SEO-friendly: Magento’s SEO friendliness is exceptional! In compliance with the industry-standard SEO best practices, Magento comes with a substantial number of built-in features like SEO-friendly URLs, Tags, Sitemaps, Search Engines, URL Rewrites, Descriptions, Positioning Layer, etc… The Meta tags, XML sitemaps, no follow, and no index commands, pagination can be structured through the admin dashboard without making any server-side changes. This provides HTML sitemaps and Google-specific sitemaps as well for users to reach relevant content on the site.
  10. Security: Security is a top priority for Magento, as it should be considering that this is an era that fears malicious cyber attacks. But our Magento developers vouch that this is one platform that will ensure that all your customer and business details are safe and secure. It promises, to a large extent that any kind of data infringement from outside sources can be avoided. There you go folks, more reason to use Magento, to build your next big idea.

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