Travelling to the Future: What Will Shape the Travel Industry?

Travelling to the Future: What Will Shape the Travel Industry?

Technology has changed the heart and soul of the world we live in and the travel industry obviously is no exception.

It’s a fact that change is the only constant. Technology has changed the heart and soul of the world we live in and the travel industry obviously is no exception. Statista, tells us that travel and tourism made a total contribution (direct, indirect, and induced) of 8.27 trillion U.S. dollars to the global economy in 2017. Travel worldwide has been increasing steadily each year and it is estimated that the number of international tourist arrivals worldwide would reach approximately 1.32 billion. From easy and simple bookings to eco-mindful trips to practical leverage of technology to personalized itineraries, there is a lot expected from the service providers in the ecosystem.

Digital Window to the Soul

Not enough has been said on how customer experience is everything in this ecosystem and the next and all that will come after it. Businesses in this industry bank on their ability to provide a seamless interaction to their consumers.

Consumers now have limited time which makes them want to be absolutely thorough in their travel plans before they embark on them. This has resulted in businesses having to create an entire experience for the consumer before they even leave their houses. ‘How real can you make the digital experience?’ is the question here. This is where having a complete, UX-rich website complete with the e-commerce option comes in or it could be a mobile application that provides the ultimate digital experience. The point being, the industry is expected to adopt all the latest technology to inspire people to travel and then to provide an easy-to-click-to-the-end travel experience.

The Barebones of the Need

A simple travel service involves putting into motion a bigger system of machinery starting from the means to travel to the method of payment for bookings and customer support throughout the journey. Some of the major points that businesses will have to take into account are:

  • Absolute Transparency: Customers cannot leave anything to chance – they want to know how, with whom, and where they’re going, who will provide solutions all the way to the T.
  • Specialized Bookings: Offers, deals, and exclusive preferences can become primary motivators for consumers and needs to appeal to travelers of all price range – from economy travelers to high-end ones. A good deal can inspire people to plan a travel.
  • Online Everything: No one has the luxury of time or sometimes the patience for manual interactions, so the provision of everything online is the way forward. This is a massive opportunity for everyone in the ecosystem to ensure that their brand gets eyeballs and their services are picked over everyone else. How to do that? Build that beautiful UX-rich website or a mobile application that is fast, error-free, simple, and intuitive in its navigation et al. Need help here? Call us at 9845313999.
  • Aggregators: Travel is an industry inundated with service providers, rife with competition. Aggregators who tell the customers which is the cheapest ticket, cheapest place to stay, which has the highest reviews are trusted by clientele worldwide. If the aggregators do not have a site or an app that is easily navigable or have related services, client reviews, etc listed, they will not come up ahead in the race. Yet another reason to have the best website/mobile application developer on your side. Reach out to us at for a free consult.

How Your Business Can Pull It Off

Make best friends with technology and you’ll already be halfway there. Technological advancements today will enable you to provide an entire experience to your consumers at the click of a button.

  • Website/Mobile Application Development: This is undoubtedly one of your biggest assets. Make the most of it with features that will entice your consumers to opt for your services.
  • User Interface: Choose the right setting for your website/application so that your consumers know you and hence can trust you. The look and feel of your website and your mobile application can definitely trigger action from your consumers.
  • Billing and Booking: Of all the features on your website, ensure your booking feature is state-of-the-art in its functionality. From start to finish, the expectation is one of seamless, smooth, and hassle-free transaction
  • Make it Personal: Predict what they would require and make navigating between pages seamless.
  • Stage the Experience: Develop a website/mobile application that can support virtual reality or 360º imagery for a more convincing display
  • Mobile Application Development: Accessibility on the go offers the best form of convenience to consumers so make sure your mobile application is more impressive than your website. With access to people’s hand-held devices, you can go ahead and set reminders, send direct messages, and so on for a more customized experience.
  • Try a Hosted Environment: Since travel websites need access to too many external platforms and sites, explore cloud computing so that you can avoid system malfunctioning and concentrate more on adding consumer-oriented features instead.
  • Digital Marketing: Why just stop attending to a consumer who’s interested? Why not create demand for your services through customer communication? Employ a dynamic digital marketing system to drive sales. The owned media channels cannot only be used to send details about bookings and invoices but to communicate to the consumer directly. A clever system that distills big data will help you measure customer interactions and personalize your offerings to them. Digital marketing can also help you measure the impact of the content you’re putting out – very useful for consumer behavior analysis. The possibilities of technology integrations in travel businesses are endless. It all boils down to how far you’re willing to take your business in order to make your mark. Are you ready?

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