Tuning your business for Digital Future

Legacy App Upgrade and Facelift

We provide end-to-end legacy application facelift capabilities to achieve your business objectives with a market-ready minimum viable product with all critical functionalities.

Your Partner Who Enables You to be Updated with Latest Tech

Most of the legacy applications were functionally efficient in the year they were constructed. But with the lightning progress in technology that drives modern business, the old legacy applications can hamper productivity. We help you to eliminate the risks of outdated applications and convert them to modern applications in the cloud. Our skilled system engineers methodically and carefully analyze your existing legacy applications and come up with a detailed report of updates before transforming them. We re-architect, rebuild, rehost and replace your legacy application in the most appropriate way.

UX Facelift

A good user interface and user experience are what makes an application a terrific one. UX facelift or modernization means to completely rework the user-facing elements of a legacy application to a refreshed system that provides an amazing user experience for the end-users.

Technology Upgrade

The life cycle of technology is becoming shorter day by day; therefore, technology modernization is particularly important in your app. Technology modernization is the process of moving away from aging software technology and hardware solutions to the latest trends.

Custom Application from Scratch

We provide a full cycle of custom enterprise application development including solid architecture, UI/UX, development, quality assurance, and application support. We follow the latest application development approach to ensure continuous innovation that enhances your business.

Modernize Your Application Today with an Efficient Business Intelligence Process

Modernize Your Application Today with an Efficient Business Intelligence Process

Using our decades of expertise, we help you to update your legacy application on par with the current tech trends and standards without compromising agility and scalability. Our services include UX modernization, application modernization, technology modernization, application re-engineering, application assessment, and application maintenance & management. Our application facelift approach is straightforward by focusing more on your business objectives to meet. Our advantages are,

  • User-friendly, modern system facelift.
  • Cost-effective application facelift solutions.
  • Full-scale legacy system assessment.
  • Automate the new business process.
  • Reduced complexity & increased agility.
  • Highly secure.
  • Smooth deployment process without disruption.
  • Dedicated team for application support.
  • Employee training.


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