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Magento Development Solutions


Magento Development Solutions

We offer high quality Customized Magento Development

Full-Fledged eCommerce Solution with Magento, World's largest eCommerce platform filled with cutting-edge features.

Magento is an open source E-commerce platform on which you can flexibly create a functional online shopping business. Magento is a powerful and fast growing E-commerce web application framework designed in such a way so as to produce unique businesses. Magento is designed to help businesses grow and be successful online. Magento’s architecture is completely developed using Zend framework, which works with PHP and MySQL as database.

Magento offers rich customisation possibilities by extensions and modules. This module framework allows the online merchant to have absolute control of the website and it places no restraint on business processes and flow. Magento’s custom module development enables you to inject functionality anywhere, whether in a static block fashion that’s more than static, or a shipping/payment module, or a large module to do something as large integrating a third party system (or multiple systems).

The MVC based architecture of Magento allows you to edit your database, handle module upgrades, override classes such as blocks, controllers, models, and the like. Today, Magento’s E-commerce platform has been widely adopted and trusted by more than 150,000 online retail businesses.

NetiApps, a Bangalore based E-Commerce development company offers high quality Customized Magento Development solutions for your online E-commerce store and shopping cart.

Magento provides the following benefits:

  • Big, talented, and fast growing community
  • Good support and an excellent E-commerce platform
  • Code is reusable, easy to maintain and debug
  • Handles concepts well and in an organized manner
  • Consist of various extensions that are cheap
  • Powerful architecture that meets every need required to build an online shopping cart or website.
  • Comes with products that are simple, configurable, grouped, bundled, virtual, and digital.