Development Process

We at NetiApps are your trusted technology partner because of the cutting-edge solutions we offer. We work with clients all around the world to create customized solutions that help them overcome their most difficult and time-consuming problems.

A Dedicated Development delivery model combined with our website application development expertise and experience allows us to provide progressive, end-to-end web and mobile apps that best meet the business needs of our clients. We adhere to a well-defined process that’s been fine-tuned to satisfy the needs of both foreign clients and our own high standards. Risk control, flawless workflow, New Product Development, Product Co-Development, and on-time web development are all taken care of by our team of experts.

We follow the following strategies to ensure that our clients get the best of everything

  • Networking
  • Advertising and sponsorship
  • Content Marketing
  • Identify and communicate with potential customers
  • Seek out new business opportunities on a regular basis
  • Assessments and/or consultation
  • Collaborations with other organizations
  • Search engine optimization
  • Make an investment in your website
  • Cultivating prospects


We employ Agile methodologies to help finish projects on time and on budget. The framework lists all of the project’s demands and requirements, and all of the projects run well. When compared to the typical waterfall method, this is a far superior way to manage projects. We also provide Prototype for Final Product Development.


Our goal is to unite the experience of operations and development engineers, from the design phase all the way to production release and support, using DevOps techniques. There are a number of practices used by DevOps teams in order to speed up and improve application operations.

Following are some benefits of DevOps

  • Reliability
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Better Efficiency
  • Security
  • Automation
  • End-to-end accountability
  • Maintains a stable working environment
  • Promotes Agility
  • Transparency
  • Cost Efficient
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Faster Deployment

Cloud-Native Development

We employ cloud-native development because cloud-based applications promise faster speed, lower costs, easier management, and a better user experience. Even small, unknown businesses can be catapulted into the limelight for no apparent reason.

Modular Architecture

In order to create a complete product, we employ modular architecture in product design to integrate or combine smaller parts that are independent of one another. Cars and other complex products (for example) can be broken down into smaller, simpler components that can be manufactured separately using the modular design methodology. The ultimate product is made up of all of these different components that are put together.

Modular Architecture

Development Process Steps

We make use of the six-step product development process that takes a product from its initial concept to its ultimate market launch. This entails recognizing a market need, investigating the competitors, coming up with a solution, creating a product roadmap, and constructing a minimal viable product (MVP).

Business Analysis

In business analysis, we utilize specialized methodologies and conduct tasks to determine the needs of a firm-then, we offer improvements and provide solutions that provide value for the stakeholders. Many of the potential solutions are software and data-based, but they can also include organizational improvements, such as better processes, new policies, and strategic planning in their implementation.

Process and Management

Management of business processes is done by us in a methodical way to guarantee that they are both effective and efficient. It is a method for aligning company procedures with strategic objectives. Continuous monitoring of company processes in order to keep them running as efficiently as possible is what process management is all about. It has a major impact on business growth when implemented correctly.

QA and Testing

Quality control and software testing are two of our top priorities. A software development cycle would be incomplete without software testing and quality assurance. Both methods enhance the entire process and guarantee greater quality to the result. In addition, it minimizes maintenance expenses and enhances the user experience and functionality of the software. Quality assurance attests to the product’s suitability for its intended use when software testing signs and pushes the individual components.

Risk Management

We utilize risk management to identify, analyze, and respond to risk elements that are inherent in the daily operations of an organization. In order to effectively manage risk, it is necessary to strive to influence future events as much as possible by acting proactively rather than reactively. As a result, effective risk management has the ability to lower both the likelihood of a risk and its potential impact.

Change Request

As part of the change management process, we use Change Requests as formal papers. These documents describe changes to a high-level feature of the project or organization, such as a deliverable or the operations of the latter.

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