DMS Solutions

DMS stands for Document Management System, which is a software solution that provides a centralized repository for storing, organizing, and managing electronic documents and files.

DMS solutions help organizations to streamline their document management processes, improve collaboration and productivity, and reduce the risk of data loss or unauthorized access.

Some common features of DMS solutions include:

  • Document Storage: A central repository for storing and organizing electronic documents, including files such as PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and more.
  • Document Version Control: A system for tracking changes to documents and keeping track of different versions of the same document.
  • Document Search and Retrieval: A search engine for quickly finding and retrieving documents based on keywords, metadata, or other criteria.
  • Document Workflow: A system for automating document-based processes, such as approvals, reviews, and sign-offs.
  • Access Control: A system for controlling who can access, view, and edit documents based on user roles and permissions.
  • Document Security: A system for ensuring that documents are protected against unauthorized access, data loss, and other security risks.

Analytics is the key to successful content marketing. The most important task that a content marketer can do is to understand what the audience wants.

The solution lies in Data-Driven Marketing (DMS), which uses analytics to create and find a winning strategy for content marketing, which is supported by a document management system (DMS) to store files and data without getting lost in their own information systems.

Companies use DMS solutions as an efficient way to organize and manage all their documents in one place, making it easy for them to respond quickly when needed.

Documents are the basic component of any business. Documents serve a major role in defining the rights and obligations of the parties and in facilitating the effective running and overall success of any business. Management of the same, in paper form, has led to delays in operations, losses, and inaccuracy in functioning.

NetiApps offer a fully digital and accessible document management system service that assists our customers to access data faster to outrun other players in their industry who don’t. With our services, you can centrally store, access control, secure, and procure information in various formats from anywhere.

Manage unlimited files with our cloud-based DMS solution and enable unlimited users for a more personal touch. Impressive document management features include a storage capacity of up to an impressive 10TB, search capabilities, catalogs and classification structures, secure sharing options, and a lot more.

NetiApps provides you with easy-to-use mobile apps for iOS and Android to manage your documents on the go – manage your documents from anywhere!

Some of the solutions we provide are listed below:

  • Document scanning, storing and digital mailroom development
  • Digital signature and digital document verification
  • Cloud based document management
  • Flawless audit trials
  • Background document verification services
  • Centralized storage models
  • Streamlined document search and retrieval
  • Indexing, version control and document updates

Digital Document Storage

Digital document storage refers to the practice of storing electronic documents and files on digital media, such as computer hard drives, cloud storage services, or other digital storage devices. This is in contrast to traditional paper-based storage methods, which are becoming less common as more and more organizations adopt digital document storage solutions.

Advantages of digital document storage include:

  • Increased Accessibility: Digital documents can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, by authorized users, making it easier for remote teams to collaborate and work together.
  • Improved Organization: Digital document storage systems provide tools for organizing and categorizing documents, making it easier to find and retrieve the information you need.
  • Enhanced Security: Digital document storage solutions often include security features such as access control, encryption, backup, and disaster recovery, which can help to protect against data loss and unauthorized access.
  • Better Version Control: Digital document storage systems typically track changes to documents and keep different versions of the same document, making it easier to manage document revisions and keep track of document history.
  • Space Savings: Digital document storage saves physical space by eliminating the need for paper-based storage methods, and can also reduce costs associated with paper-based storage and retrieval systems.

We radically convert your enterprise documents into electronic transactions which are actionable, easier to track, and faster to access. Digital storage of documents heals the broken document processes that overwhelm companies today. A document management service (DMS) system that records, saves, and retrieves both paper and digital documents can offer the business a number of important advantages, depending on the nature of the business.

You’re never in the dark when it comes to NetiApps. With data encrypted at all times, we offer you complete peace of mind when it comes to securing your important digital files. NetiApps offers the most secure, fast, and reliable solution for your digital documents. We keep our customers’ sensitive information such as their passwords, financial data, health records, etc., safe. With NetiApps’ robust security measures, you can rest assured that your company’s data is safe.

  • Reduction in physical storage space requirement
  • Improved security
  • More transparent and stronger verification
  • Increased regulatory compliance
  • Smoother document search and retrieval
  • Easier sharing and collaboration
  • More secure backup and contingent recovery
  • Non-redundancy of information
  • Improved document history tracking and updates
  • Information clarity – non-clustering of data due to digital storage means

Document verification and Security

Discover our digital document management system. We offer secure access anytime, anywhere, and a paperless office. One of the most important components of a document management system is security. Our ideal piece of software will offer strong document encryption, role-based access, and several other supporting measures like – audit trials, user and roles assignment, customized access rights, document encryption, and indexing.

NetiApps offers a fully digital and accessible document management system that helps you find and share sensitive documents in seconds. We have stringent document verification and security to guarantee the safety of all stored documents. NetiApps protects your work with a user-friendly platform designed to deliver the best value for your business.

Our DMS Solutions also provide flawless support with SSL encryption mechanisms. It also allows modification ownership of the documents using security models which can be legally entrusted to exchange and transfer of documents in the workspace.

Accessible DMS Management System

We offer the construction of an ideal DMS portal that has a simple user interface and easy to navigate all the digitally saved documents of the enterprise. The simple dashboard includes all the basic features as well as others like custom document inboxes, alerts, notifications, reporting dashboards, and document status indicators.

  • Document updates and history tracking
  • Document verification status indication
  • Document reports creation
  • Document updates and history tracking
  • Document verification status indication
  • Document reports creation

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