Engagement Model

Engagement Model

A client-development team connection is defined by an engagement model, which is a set of standards. It includes all of the engagement's duties, commitments, regulatory requirements, tasks, and duration.

Both parties sign a legally binding contract outlining all of this. As a firm, we at NetiApps recognize that customer acquisition is just as vital as customer retention. It is critical that proactive client involvement is managed by an engagement model, regardless of whether your company provides excellent customer service.

We bring together our technical expertise, and a quality-driven delivery approach to provide progressive, end-to-end IT solutions that best meet our clients’ needs. We follow a well-defined business and channel partner engagement methodology that is geared to international standards and customer expectations. Our professional teams assure proper management, a smooth workflow, and solutions that are delivered on time.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Client conversion
  • Value Creation
  • Brand discover
  • Client Conversion
  • Brand Consideration

Project-Based Engagement

We produce a proposal based on the customer’s project specifications, which include documentation of specifications, visual aspects, application design, testing, change management, communication protocols, milestones, warranty period, and commercial details. In order to create a realistic development strategy, our business analysts work closely with our customers to understand their needs and expectations.

Project-Based Engagement

Dedicated Development Team

It is more about how resources are linked to you in our dedicated team model (DTM). DTM is a good fit for a fixed-price or T&M project since it allows for a high degree of flexibility in the scope of work.

In addition to business analysts and designers, our team also includes front-end and back-end developers, full-stack programmers, and quality assurance (QA) specialists.

Fixed Price

Fixed Price

The most common type of team involvement structure is the fixed price model. Some of the terms used to describe it are fixed time, fixed scope, fixed cost, and fixed bid. We make use of this strategy to cope with a high degree of certainty in situations when you have researched the market. This allows you to describe the project’s scope in detail.

A well-defined scope is one of the triple constraints of project management because it allows the project’s time and cost to be determined. Then you can expedite the project by adding extra resources to reduce the time it takes to provide the software solution.

Time and Material

We can use this engagement model at any stage of a project, including pre-specification, post-specification, and post-architectural design, and it includes problem definition, solution definition, business analysis, research, specifications, architectural design, visual mapping, documentation, coding, testing, change management, rollout, and support and maintenance.

Following are the benefits of using this model

  • Time Rates: The client pays for actual development hours to avoid overpaying.
  • Quick Start: The customer doesn’t need to consider project details before development begins.
  • Flexibility: Time and materials model allows for changing scope. A customer can instantly adjust product development based on end-user feedback.
Milestone and Billing

Milestone and Billing

As a means of advancing toward the larger project objective, we employ milestones. Billing deadlines are established based on agreed-upon events or deliverables in a payment cycle known as a milestone. As an example, a freelance writer may set up a milestone billing agreement in which the client pays for each piece of content as it is completed.

Some advantages of using this methodology are listed below

  • One-time balloon payments are avoided.
  • Management of outcomes.
  • Results that are pleasing.

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