ujjivan CRM

Our experience in diverse industry verticals coupled with our ability to innovate will form the solid basis on which we build productive and rewarding partnership with our clients.

NetiApps developed a complete Customer Relationship Management System.


  • Custom fields and Blocks for the required functionality.
  • Complex Visibility permissions were involved to safegaurd privacy of data.
  • Complex picklist combinations played a critical role in analysing the customer data.
  • Integration  of core banking feature to ease out data extraction, where by allowing the in-staff to view user-related data.
  • Automatic populating of fields depending on various parameters, reducing human efforts.
  • Easy, quick and asynchrounous data requests, enhancing user experience.
  • Auto Extraction of  data in Excel format, thus enabling report style updates.
  • Automatic report scheduling.
  • LDAP Active Directory integration, to enhance user experience.
  • To configure the Server for more than 250 Concurrent users logged in.


It was a  very interesting and challenging project to work with our Client. They were very supportive for each and every analysis and implementation.

  • The CRM was well suited for this application, customizing the themes, login and other screens as per Client requirement.
  • Creating Profiles, Roles and Groups based on the Region and Hierarchy.
  • Complex Visibility permissions were achieved by analyzing the permissions and accessibility.
  • Complex picklist dependencies were achieved through carefully analyzing various parameters involved in designing each dependency.
  • Integration of CRM with core banking feature achieved successfully through API, thus making the solution future compatible.
  • LDAP integration with CRM achieved successfully with all the requirements.
  • Automatic dashboard scheduling and automatic email notification to the concerned associates successfully by using the custom code.
  • Server Configuration for more than 250-300 concurrent users. Using Linux hosting, allot the typical memory configuration and Processor distribution. And other server based configuration and versions.
  • Optimizing the Application and MySQL queries for speed concerns and caching the pages by server.


We were successfully able to deliver a full-fledged CRM comprising various features, such as:

  • Efficient architectured system which helped the client to manage business smoothly.
  • Efficient movement of data across various departments based on multiple workflow parameters.
  • Core banking feature, making our system future-proof.
  • Auto-escalation of data across various roles and users.
  • LDAP integration allowing the users to use single login credentials across various in-house applications.
  • A fully-fledged system capable of handling huge amounts of simultaneously encrypted data flow with a lot of importance given on security and privacy of data.