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Web Portal Development

Web Portal Development Trends to Expect in Future

Over the past few decades, web portal development has evolved and also keeps shifting rapidly. Humans continue to look for new methods and techniques to innovate, performing things quicker and with much more aptitude than before!

1. Dark Mode

The dark mode is a visual design pattern that has become a conventional and well-established trend in web portal development. It is connected with the color scheme that utilizes light-colored text and other UI elements on a darker background to lessen eye strain during night usage or in a dark environment and also saves battery life. It Minimizes the emittance of blue light. when most of the screen is dark, the screen glare is lessened, making the UI content more legible and accessible

2. Server less Architecture

Server less architecture works on cloud technology as such developers can concentrate on the code rather than on maintenance, scaling, and infrastructure facilities. Thus letting them deploy the applications developed on server less models within a shorter time. Advantages of Server less Architecture include- Enhanced flexibility and scalability, cost-efficiency, Faster marketing time, pay only for the resource used, and effortlessly integrates new features

3. Single Page Application

Single Page Application is a JavaScript-based web app which loads a single HTML page that updates itself without the need for refreshing the page with dynamic content. Like some studies suggest – this sort of web app will increase the conversion rate to 37%, and also dumb down the user navigation on a website. Advantages of Single page applications include- Rapid page load speed and lower bounce rate of a website, cost-efficiency, effortless debugging, and ease of use.

4. API-First Development

API-First approach to web portal application development is becoming more and more popular in 2022. This approach set something in motion just as soon as the need for connecting outside applications and products to an existing app heightened. API first approach is a structural part of the growing ecosystem to connect technologies and companies. API first development more is user-focused and this lets developers to work in parallel, therefore reducing development time and costs to a minimum. This lowers the risk of failure of by assuring that all the APIs are stable, balanced, and dependable. Advantages of API-First Development include- Faster marketing time, lower development time and cost, better adaptability and customer experience by integrating outside functionalities

5. Artificial Intelligence-powered Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence has been one of the most pronounced technologies in the IT industry as it lets machines function efficiently, resolve problems, and gets rid of human errors. Integrating an AI-powered chatbot into a website will be a huge turning point for a business. This will resolve the problems and also perform operations faster, resulting in a better customer experience. Also, it can be programmed to record the FAQ on a website in order to accumulate the data and make use of it as a seamless digital experience for the website’s customers. Advantages of integrating AI-powered chatbots Include- Ups user engagement, Aids in accumulating audience data for better offerings, and lowers customer service Charges

6. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is an encrypted database storage system, distributed and open ledger technology which provides secure online transactions by detaching and separating all the interceders in the network. This technology puts forward fast transactions and gets rid of the lengthy documentation process from the network and trading by automating the manual operations. As numerous banks and major organizations and establishments are embracing blockchain implementation as it contributes to more secure and error-free transactions. Ether Scripter, Truffle Framework, Solc, Remix IDE, Geth, Embark, Metamask, Ganache, Blockchain as service (BaaS), etc…. are a few of the tools and technologies used to create a blockchain ecosystem. Advantage of Blockchain Technology includes – enhanced security, privacy, safe payment transactions, decreased/minimized financial charges, traceability, transparency, steady/ discrete control of data, speed, and straightforward Integration.

7. Cyber Security in Web Development

Cyberattacks are a predominant worry nowadays. The increased no. of cybercrimes has made companies with websites have already switched to verification and authentication to steer clear of these attacks by using applications like Firewalls, Google Authenticator, Patch Management, etc…..Larger industrial sectors which have huge and immeasurable data such as the health and finance sector are more susceptible and vulnerable to cyberattacks, and this calls for security formation which can’t be invaded. furthermore, personnel from the IT security department are in great demand in 2022. Advantage of cybersecurity includes – strong security and encryption techniques for safeguarding data from breaches and unsanctioned access.


The present-day trends in Web Portal Development will have lots of advancements. Adapting these trends and technologies can warrant that the website remains attractive and competitive, and also provides an extraordinary user experience. We have recorded the 7 present-time Web Portal Development trends that assure to thrive in 2022.



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