Gearing Up for 2019: A CEO’s Job Is Never Done

By Manoj S Pillai | Jan 1, 2019

As much as that sounds like a cliche, it’s the truth and as I look upon the advent of 2019.

The mind mulls over the lessons learnt in 2018, prioritizes tasks that needs to be carried over and buzzes with possibilities of what next! One of my favorite exercises during the end of the year would be the forthcoming trends – from technology to leadership to branding and everything in between. I’ve listed a few of my favorite ones and would welcome inputs on what’s on your list!

All Things Internet

The Internet is a dynamic, free-flowing and an ever-changing entity that changes lives every day and has been doing so, since its advent. Businesses will gear up not just for the overwhelming traffic that accessibility, necessity, and education will bring about, but the equally massive question of security. New related technologies will lure massive traffic, new scams will draw netizens’ ire and new solutions will power up the Internet game. As always smart organizations are early adapters or leaders in the game. We would all do well to evaluate our own requirements in the Internet ecosystem and differentiate the must-haves from the good to haves and then the ones on the wish list. At NetiApps, we live the mantra of continuous learning and development, which applies across processes.

Wireless, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Security

It has been said a lot of times and bears repeating that wireless is the future. Gone are the days that inconvenience of the wires would be tolerated. Consumers demand more and the competition in the business, forces organisations to provide the solution that would be the next big thing. In the meantime cloud migration has been chugging along in a steady and continuous process like the unstoppable force it is.

Artificial Intelligence has been a fascinating topic for all human beings in the world but more so for CEO’s! AI for me is currently more AI (Intelligent Automation) at so many levels, but the possibilities of AI and what I think it will bring to the table is mind-boggling. I can’t wait for a day where AI transforms everyday life, whether it is of an individual, a developer, a student or a CEO - especially in the productivity department allowing us to do more, be more and hopefully live our lives more.

Security is something that I think merits a blog of its own (and is on my topic list), but for the now it is the darker Yin to the Yang of technological advancement. You cannot have one without the other and processes that mitigate issues need to be set in place today if we are to prevent a Tech-Armageddon in the future.


As a CEO, branding is very important to me. How people perceive my brand, the quality of our services, talent and dedication of employees and eminence of the organisation and its place in the world map is something that is constantly thought about and improved upon. Trends in digital marketing has made the options pretty clear - right from artificial intelligence to live social media, smart analytics to local influencers – the next steps to brand eminence is clear and sorted. 2019 looks exciting!

Product Development

We at NetiApps, believe that every service that we provide must be treated as a product - constant development, documentation and leveling up is par for the course. In keeping with the spirit of business excellence, we always look to introducing additional services, upgrading processes, showcasing single view data analytics and introducing new products that add value to us, to our client and to the world. To know more about us visit NetiApps or call me on 9845313999

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Manoj S Pillai

Founder and CEO of NetiApps
Manoj S Pillai is the Founder and CEO of NetiApps. With over 20 years of leadership experience in the industry across all facets of business, his vision is to create a customer-centric company which is known for its innovative solutions and CX-rich strategies. He holds a master’s degree in Information Tech and has expertise in assisting clients in the areas of IT cost rationalization, strategy development, as well as business IT alignment and governance.