Getting the Attitude Quotient Right

Getting the Attitude Quotient Right

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude”, said Zig Ziglar, a brilliant motivational speaker and American author, which I believe sums it up when it comes to how a person’s career will shape up.

Skills and talent are important, yes, but if it is accompanied by a bad attitude, lack of discipline, and a general disregard for rules, there is no way, you make as high on the career ladder as you want to. There are innumerable examples of people even at the CEO level who draw flak and eventually are disciplined because of these untoward characteristics. As an HR leader or even as a normal team member, I appreciate working with a person with a sunny and never say any attitude as opposed to someone who is moody and difficult.

Attitude Not Aptitude Will Determine Success

The question I always ask myself when I make the final decision to hire a person is – what does the candidate bring to the table? How will that person add to the culture of the organization? Are his/her skills supported by the equally good-natured attitude? End of the day, I do believe that every person needs to realize that their attitude has more to do with their success in life than their skillsets.

What is the attitude you say? The attitude at best is a person’s outlook towards work, society, and life. It is the mindset that allows a person to balance life’s failures and successes. Attitude ultimately is something that determines if a person can be happy or not.

Skills vs Attitude

How you think about yourself and others, how you treat people, the words you use, your body language, the way you act and interact with others, have more impact on your current and future success than how knowledgeable or skillful you are at something. You may be the best at your work and skills, but if you are arrogant and can’t get along with your teammates, you’ll not get very far in that career as no team member will want to work with you. If you have had trouble getting and keeping a job, or trouble getting and keeping friends, it is probably the result of your wrong attitude.

I believe that we do become what we think about and who we surround ourselves with every day strongly influences what we think about or become.

Wisdom of the Ages

Not to say that all you need in life is a positive attitude, but to quote Zig Ziglar again, “A positive mental attitude will not let you do everything, but it will let you do everything better!” A positive attitude is no guarantee for success, but a negative one will always hold you back and limit your potential.

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