Top 10 Reasons Why Drupal Technology is Right for Your Website

Top 10 Reasons Why Drupal Technology is Right for Your Website

Why is the Drupal platform one of the most preferred technologies under web solutions? Here are our top 10 reasons.

  1. A platform for web content managementIf you are looking for the best platform for web content management that is preferred among all the well-known global enterprises, governments, education institutes, and NGOs et al, then Drupal is the right technology for you. Why is it the best? Because it is one of the most flexible and extremely scalable technologies available today in the market. Developers appreciate the fact that with Drupal they are able to publish a single website as well as share content in multiple languages across many devices.
  2. Free, open-source softwareDrupal is free, open-source software that can be used by individuals or groups of users to easily create and manage many types of websites. It includes a content management platform and a development framework. Drupal is backed by one of the world’s most innovative open source communities which is why most technology and business leaders prefer this technology to transform content management into a strong digital solution.
  3. Easily integrates with 3rd party appsThis platform comes with a strong architecture, and can easily integrate with third-party applications, which makes it one of the preferred technologies for websites. Drupal conforms to the required technical and business need and not the other way around. Once again, a winner.
  4. Faster developmentDevelopment time is much less when compared to other available CMSs.With Drupal, there isn’t any need to develop two separate versions of the visual templates and also there is no need to manually configure the CMS with information about products. The technology helps assimilate information held in the e-commerce store, like when building a landing page on the site that should feature both contents and featured products.
  5. Complete securityDrupal migration services provide an easy approach that can help you migrate the current website to Drupal irrespective of how complex your current database structure is. The technology does not compromise on security protocols and provides seamless interaction with 3rd party integrations, community support et al.
  6. High performanceDrupal’s image compression, CSS, and JS aggregation, as well as the basic theme optimization – all help, improve the website load time even if your website is laden with graphics and videos. Enabling it will help convert all files thus reducing the request and boosting speed. It is proven that without it the separate and repeated HTTP requests will slow down the page speed.
  7. Caching as a solutionCaching comes as a complete creative solution to related problems when you leverage the Drupal platform. It is a remarkable addition to the package which helps improve the performance of the website.
  8. Multiple user managementWhat is Drupal well known for? Not just for its user community but for being easily optimized. Since it is designed for community-based websites, it has a strong user role and access control functionality. The fact that there are no limits to the user roles and access levels can be used to create and customize roles such as anonymous visitor, authenticated user, editor, etc. The advanced user management features can be disabled/enabled later on when the site grows.
  9. Search engine optimized for URLsWith Drupal, you have complete control over the URL structure. This way each content created in Drupal can be given a custom URL(URL alias). It can also be set to automatically generate user and search engine-friendly URLs based on content type, the title of the post, keyword, etc.
  10. It’s mobile-readyToday, everything needs to be mobile-ready. Drupal definitely leads the way in the arena. Drupal enables developers to create not just feature-rich high-quality websites, which wows the client not just in looks but also in functionality and device compatibility. With Drupal, website developers are able to create dynamic and innovative websites that attract users and help businesses to generate more leads.

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