Waiting to unbox happiness? The Courier Industry Story!

Waiting to unbox happiness? The Courier Industry Story!

Express delivery is one of the fastest-growing industries today and we contributed to improving how fast you get your delivery. Read our story.

The Industry Landscape

Technology hasn’t reached a point where we can download food or 3D print our deliveries yet, but we see that happening. Sooner or later.

Now while we wait for that miracle to happen, there have been improvements in leaps and bounds in the industry. Technology has been a disruptor that has impacted every single industry, including this one. From the time when home deliveries were rare to today where deliveries fly out faster than pancakes, we have come a long long way.

It is without a doubt that express delivery has been the primary contributor to our fast-paced lives whether it is having important work-related deliveries or the ubiquitous rage of our generation – e-commerce! Statista* says Asia-Pacific contributes 80% to the growing industry. “In light of the world’s growing digitization, the courier industry has adopted the use of new technologies to track vehicles and parcels. In addition to that, parcel processing systems able to sort through 20,000 packages in one hour have made the industry more efficient. Satellite computer systems have also improved the state of monitoring Internet-connected courier fleet trucks. While letter volumes are in decline due to the ubiquity of electronic messaging, courier services remain the beneficiaries of growing online retail sales.”

The need of the Hour

The expectation of the industry is fairly simple. The perfectly packed product is delivered as fast as possible while being trackable throughout its journey. From the order point to the delivery point – the process has to be clear, easy, and simple. No hiccups, no fuss, and no mess.

As simple as it sounds in theory, its execution needs careful balancing of a plethora of factors. The logistics that need to be in place for this journey from the order to the delivery are mindboggling. And yet, the expectation exists, as it should be. This is why, leading courier companies leave no stone unturned to arrive at solutions that are technology-heavy, simple, accessible, and make life easy for the entire ecosystem.

The Checklist

  • Security for sensitive consumer data
  • Accurate package mapping, assignment of orders for delivery
  • Efficient manpower utilization with automated inventory control
  • Tracking services to consumers with detailed delivery data

The NetiApps Story

This is where the NetiApps story comes in. It is amazing to be part of such a path-breaking journey for humanity and to have contributed to simplifying and speeding up the entire process. How did we that? Well, it all began when DTDC Services, one of the key players in the industry came to us to help them streamline operation with an advanced automation solution. They needed to not just grow in the present scenario but also to consolidate growth and realize its vision to provide a world-class, technologically superior, fast, and seamless experience to its customers.

The main challenge was to implement automation and related technology improvements across their operations including logistics, consumer interface, logs et al. At that time they were using a desktop application to record all their shipment details from all branches after which the shipments need to be taken to their local warehouses and manually logged. This process was labor-heavy and had massive logistic issues, leading to delay in dismal customer experience and low productivity. To overcome these issues, the client needed to replace the current desktop application with a mobile system preferably a handheld device that communicated effectively with all the critical hardware in the ecosystem.

The NetiApps technology team built the DTDC MobiOps, which is an android application developed exclusively for DTDC internal operations and shipment operators, who now use the application exclusively and to great effect. The application is incorporated with special hardware support like barcode scanners, brand-agnostic printers among others. The architecture approach and the design of the user interface are similar to a typical android application, but with multiple screens customized to the clients’ business involving cutting-edge technologies for UI and functionalities. Our solution exceeded client expectations in all aspects and has contributed 100% in streamlining operations and customer experience.

What Next?

Thankfully for businesses, technology the disruptor is also the one that plays a critical part in rescuing them. For early adopters, the journey has simplified to a large extent and with continued R&D in requisite technology, it gets simpler. We predict that voice-based services will be the next technology boost that this industry will leverage. As we witness the billion-day games that the e-commerce giants successfully play, the courier industry silently but effectively delivers. Every single day!

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