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Revolution of Human resource management – Then and Now

Revolution is inevitable and crucial when it comes to human capital management leading to growth of business worldwide.

Human resource management implies attaining gain in terms of competition through a well-thought approach to managing people in an effective manner. There are a set of prudent objectives calculated from the employer’s perspective which need to be achieved by the employee service. It involves the selection of the right skill sets, engagement, retainment, and coordination stand pivotal across any company. The whole cycle of HR management has been revolutionized, and the areas of recruitment, work environment, relationships, and work-life balance have seen a transposition during the coming years.

Strategic HR Business Partner

Earlier HR departments were considered as separate units which were more of a cost center, which enabled the handling of employee conflicts, queries, and payroll. But now this has swapped into a more productive manner stating that HR works in accordance with the management in order to derive targets and goals for the company.

Pandemic Impact

Due to the pandemic, the only linkup of the company brings in the HR department, right from remote work to employee support, medical benefits, and virtual meetings. The current situation has forced us to bring in the concept of virtual training and dependency on technology to a large extent. This again has its own pros and cons. Involvement of HR showcases a change with added responsibility toward the employees and management.

Cultural Bonding

Unlike previous years HR has transformed from office paperwork to a friendly equation with the employees. The cultural shift gives importance to attracting the best employees to increase the company’s brand value. HR plays a pivotal role in selecting & shaping the best talents with the purpose of retainment. The ability to use your own emotions wisely towards the employees and emphasize them in a positive way needs to inculcate.

Right Talent

With a new world of opportunities & remote working conditions selection of the right talent plays a pivotal role. The coordination and the processes set in place need to be looked upon in order to optimize the talent for the right opportunity.


Change is inescapable, and needs to be dealt with in the future. Adapting skills should be inculcated along with self-improvement which will help in the further growth of the organization. Current human resource management depicts a dynamic, analytical, conflict management personnel in order to achieve smooth workflow and interpersonal relations in the company. The HR management must also possess skills in the contribution to the organizations like training, development, staffing, and other departments under their influence and control.

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