What is Agile? how does it work?

Agile software development is a new way of developing software. It's not a process, it's the culture. It's what makes it special and different.

What is Agile?

Agile is a popular tech that allows you to build and respond to changes. It’s a collection of multiple principles that are utilized in the field of project management and software development. This practice works on the continuous iteration of testing & development for the complete Agile software development lifecycle of a given business project. Rather than making big changes at work, it aims to help teams work toward small achievable goals, which shows beyond doubt to be victorious in delivering customers what they need effortlessly and comfortably without having to set big, unattainable goals. Agile requires professionals to continuously evaluate various plans, requirements, and results, and this allows them to respond to obligatory changes easily and quickly.

Agile Principles

The 12 principles for agile software development aids demonstrate the precepts of the agile perspective. They aren’t a set of rules for practicing agile, but a handful of principles to assist inculcate agile thinking:

  • Focus on customer satisfaction: The 1st preterition of Agile is to guarantee customer satisfaction via swift and uninterrupted delivery of imperative products
  • Accept changes: It’s crucial to address the changes in requirements, even if they are introduced late in the development process. Agile implements changes to help companies gain competitive leverage over their rivals.
  • Deliver work frequently: The product needs to be delivered frequently, keeping in mind the shortest timescale for customer predilection.
  • Work as a team: The development team and the business team sine qua non work together for the whole time-span of a given project.
  • Work with a motivated team: While working with a team, make certain that the team members are trusted, motivated, and have faith in the project. Should also generate an environment where the team members can work together and sustain the support needed.
  • Have face-to-face interactions with the team: Having face-to-face discussions and interactions with team members is among the lion’s share effective methods for communicating and conveying vital information.
  • Focus on the working product: The significant measure that shows progress is the working software; it indicates the progress toward the final result.
  • Ensure sustainable development: Agile methods can promote sustainability when developers, sponsors, and users are able to maintain a regular and constant pace.
  • Strengthening agility: The agility of the product can be enhanced by providing regular attention to the technical details and design.
  • Have simplicity: It is crucial to have simplicity in the product to waste minimal time, use most of the time efficaciously, and get the work done.
  • Preserve a self-organizing team: The finest kind of design and architecture can only be achieved through a team consisting of self-organizing members.
  • Reflect and update: The team reflects on making the product more effective regularly. The team further adjusts and makes enhancements and upgrades to the features of the product.

What’s Agile methodology/Manifesto?

Agile methodology/Manifesto repudiates sequential phases and counts on simultaneous, gradational work across numerous departments. Teams downright work in sprints, which are customarily broken-out into chunks of time. Numerous checkpoints from beginning to end of the project permit the team to change direction as needed.

Advantages  of Agile methodology/Manifesto

  • Changes lay in challenges and add more required features to the updated product all the time. Consequently increasing values to the project as changes are documented
  • Agile makes it possible to see the finished product at anytime, in lieu of waiting for the finished phase of the development process. Permitting the business holder to better visualize the finished product
  • Adaptability at early stages ie……… The answer to an expeditious response to changes and clients’ requirements can be done at any stage. Empowering the business owner to save time and be more attentive to what customers really want
  • Reducing immense project risks ie…… Consequently, the implementation of the Agile Manifesto takes the edge off the hidden project risks and to steer clear of the investment being set down to maintain the original plan will cease work

Downsides  of Agile methodology/Manifesto

  •  It’s Less likely to forecast ie… Continuous changes in the markets makes it harder to conjecture and speculate the kind of alternation that necessitates to be done to the software development project
  • Intensive commitment- Consistency and continuous attention are required to develop a project regardless of what hours a day
  • There is a Higher demand for the profession and interpersonal skills. As massive prominence is placed on developers’ profession and communication skills in the implementation of the Agile Manifesto
  • Its Harder to keep track as a consequence of persistent and unforeseeable changes


Each and every development model possesses its own perks and shortcomings. Nevertheless, all these approaches and techniques, can’t be utilized in all aspects of a project altogether. Swift and rapid adaptability handed over by Agile development methodology/ manifesto is the ideal instance of using the equitable representation at the right-time.

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