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Regression Testing

What‘s Regression Testing & its perks?

A regression test is like a verification/authentication technique. Regression testing is performed when there are any alterations to the code or alterations to any features. This sort of testing assists to corroborate whether the system works congruously after going through any code alterations.

What’s Regression Testing?

‘Regression’ figuratively speaking means  “the return to a former or less developed state. Ergo, any testing performed to grasp regressions in a software functionality is known as Regression Testing. Regressions happen in the code owing to bug fixes, new features added to the code, or alternating conditions. This sort of testing aims to test each and every code which could be affected by the latest changes. This makes certain that new changes don’t intercalate new bugs in once-tested and bug-free software.

There are 4 various kinds of regression testing:

  • Selective Strategy
  • Retest all Strategy
  • Corrective Regression Testing
  • Progressive Regression Testing

When to use Regression testing?

There are a few distinguishing circumstances when regression testing that must be executed:

  • new requirement is added to an existing feature
  • new feature or functionality is added
  • codebase is fixed to solve defects
  • source code is optimized to enhance performance
  • Patch fixes are added
  • Changes in configuration

The Perks of Regression Testing:

Quality Improvement

In view of the fact that they’re testing two versions of the same software, which can calculate how some changes influence, usability, reliability functions, or performance. Testing a single change at a time also indicates – how it might influence users’ behavior. Updating these changes will eventually enhance the gross quality, and also optimize it for success.

Ease of Analysis

Determining a victor or the defeated of a regression test is pretty effortless and straightforward: which code or group of codes comes about hither to its objective -functional and non-functional facets. Regressing is a straightforward, uncomplicated, and efficacious means to meet correction specifications.

Combined Testing

One-more extraordinary notion with reference to regression tests is the scope. Regression test is-nt confined to 1 testing framework and is multifaceted in nature and acquiesces testing sections and unified entities to acquire even more extensive and thorough results.


A before-time bug patch time and again lessens the accompanying charges. this can help steer clear of the adherence to high-price, cumbersome changes that have shown beyond doubt to be unproductive and fruitless. whence assists govern resources and effort costumed in both the creating, structuring, and testing.

Risk Management

An app crashing is the loftiest grounds for nearly 80% of apps being uninstalled/removed after 1 use.  By regressing, vital commitment can be knowledgeable and steer clear of errors which might else-bind assets and funds for the least possible or unfavorable gain.

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