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What're API Security Testing? & Main Advantages of API Security Testing?

Prior to the correction and alterations being interpolated to the production instances, quick-witted establishments leverage API testing. In the pair production and staging instances, APIs are essential to be inspected to guarantee that the software framework satisfies the specifications.

What Is API Testing?

API Testing is a software testing type that corroborates APIs(Application Programming Interfaces). The objective/resolution of API Testing is to audit the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of the programming interfaces. Here, in lieu of utilizing criterion user inputs and outputs,  use software to send calls to the API, get output and scribble down the system’s response. these tests are different from GUI Tests and don’t centralize on the look and feel of things. For the most part, It centralizes on the business logic layer of the software architecture.

API testing can be done on  under these facets:

  1. Functional Testing examines/inspects API’s functionality, gets hold of payload in the contour of JSON or XML and comes up with the response code and body.
  2. Load Testing examines/inspects the performance under the distinct load and ascertains what amount of traffic the API can manage, and maneuver, before overloading itself.
  3. Security Testing examines/inspects threats and vulnerabilities such as sensitive data and authentication is encrypted over HTTP and append penetration testing substantiating authentication.

Advantages of API Testing:

Access Without UI

Crucial leverage of API testing is having an approach to the app independently without a user interface or users to reach out with the system. i.e QA testers manages to run API tests without the need to come up against the software application. This is a huge convenience, as it gives them beforehand discernment into flaws and faults as such developers can solve the issues prior to impacting the GUI.

Test for Core Functionality

code-level functionality Testing of an app gives a before-time assessment of its all-embracing build power and robustness prior to running GUI tests. These assists reveal/uncover the slight errors that can suppurate and set off enormous difficulty during GUI testing. Core access warrants testing in league with development, promoting communication and ameliorating collaboration betwixt both teams.

Time Effective

A vital distinction betwixt API & GUI testing is that API testing is surprisingly less time-consuming than functional GUI testing. GUI testing requisites the polling of webpage components, which can decelerate the testing procedure tremendously.


API test trades data using XML or JSON. The indicated transmission techniques are entirely language-independent, connotating that any core language can be chosen while coming after automated testing liturgy for the app.


The significance of API security testing is expanding everyday. With the more and more rising solicitude of exposed user data, the protection and security of apps have become cardinal. By revealing vulnerabilities early in the software development process, these vulnerabilities can be categorized and defended against by building varied scenarios. By utilizing automated tools can strengthen both the agility and quality of the app.

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