Security Testing Services

Security breaches have far-reaching consequences, such as the loss of end-user trust or legal ramifications. Our security testers make sure that our client’s business applications are completely safe from cyber threats. Entrepreneurs choose our company for dependable security testing services while assuring a strong reputation in the market to avoid negative effects on the business.

NetiApps have a proactive team of certified testers who work diligently to uncover any existing system security flaws. We have a lot of experience providing web and mobile app security testing to our clients all over the world, and we work hard to meet the security requirements.

We provide the following services:

  • Web App Security Testing
  • Application Security Testing
  • Authorization
  • API Security Testing
  • Security Testing for Ecommerce
  • Website Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Software Testing
  • Cloud Testing

Application Security Testing

Application security testing is the process of identifying security flaws and vulnerabilities in source code in order to make applications more resistant to security threats. Our firm specializes in evaluating the security of web applications. We are dedicated to assisting you in identifying vulnerabilities in your web application and developing safe and secure applications.

Following are the advantages of this testing:

  • Cost Saving
  • Saves Time
  • Protection from external attacks
  • Quality Product
  • Less Risk
  • Business Growth
  • Bug Fixes
  • Expert Opinion
  • Maintenance
  • Better Performance

Network Penetration Testing

A network penetration test gives your company a unique bird’s-eye view of the effectiveness of your security system. Newer businesses may not have a firm grasp on network security. More mature companies, on the other hand, frequently have large, multi-faceted networks with easy-to-overlook elements, especially as organizations move to cloud-based systems. Both of these scenarios carry the risk of catastrophic security breaches.

We offer network penetration testing, which allows IT departments to validate existing security controls and meet security compliance requirements while also allowing managers to better prioritize remediation efforts.

Mobile App Security Testing

Mobile app security testing has become a critical part of protecting users and organizations from cyber-attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in mobile apps, thanks to the rise in mobile Internet usage. Our Mobile App Security Testing service examines the security of your phone or tablet-based app in great detail. Manual testing by experienced security professionals is a key feature of this service, which typically uncovers far more issues than automated tests alone.

Listed below are some benefits of this testing:

  • Better User Experience
  • Better App functioning
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Faster App Deployment
  • Better Efficiency
  • Higher revenue
  • Reduced App Development cost
  • Apps Security
  • No viruses
  • Smooth functioning

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