Performance & Load Testing Services

Performance and Load testing is a software testing process that examines a software application's performance in terms of speed, reliability, scalability, and resource utilization. For the most part, the goal of performance testing is to find and fix the software's performance bottlenecks. "Perf Testing" is another name for this subset of performance engineering.

When it comes to performance testing for web, mobile or web-based applications, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you plan, script, execute and report on a performance testing service in as little as two weeks.

You’ll be able to do everything listed below with our testing services:

  • Try out the new software version.
  • Select the best hardware.
  • In the early stages of development, load test your system.
  • Find maximal system performance
  • Enhance your performance.
  • Prepare for system migration or centralization
  • Recover your System
  • Better database performance
  • Load Testing Services
  • API Load testing

Agile Performance Testing

Our Agile performance testing methodology aids in the development of tests that take into account business criticality, geographic distribution, arrival rate, and completion rate, among other factors. This allows us to provide realistic loads for our clients’ system requirements, as well as comprehensive reports that help them understand the application quality and take action to improve it. Our engineers have also created reusable accelerators and solutions to help with the testing of POS systems, SIP, VoIP, and mobile apps.

The key advantages of this methodology are listed below:

  • Early detection of bottlenecks
  • Cost Reduction
  • Less Time
  • Reduction in Infrastructure cost
  • On-Demand test
  • Improves Brand Image
  • Capacity Management
  • Better Team Efficiency

Performance Testing based on User Experience (UX)

We are involved in creating real-time performance tests based on end-user behavior patterns. Reviewing production analytics and returning intelligence to the testing stage. Design performance scenarios based on real-time monitors/Production Synthesizers that track, trace, and analyze user interactions on the application’s key transactional portions.

Design Workload Characterization and Load Distribution from the perspective of end-users, encompassing multiple locations, browsers, loads, and tasks are also provided by our team of experts.

DevOps Performance Engineering

We’ve developed a solid performance engineering framework to assist our clients with load testing, stress testing, volume testing, soak testing, scalability testing, and capacity planning. Early in the application lifecycle, we use the shift-left approach to assess and identify areas of performance improvement for applications. Our performance engineering framework enables the use of the appropriate tools, techniques, and models, as well as the creation of performance dashboards and the implementation of performance improvement strategies.

Our performance engineering differences are:

  • Early application performance analysis
  • Removing application bottlenecks
  • Improved Performance
  • Better Planning
  • Better Application visibility
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Better Marketing
  • Software Performance Testing

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