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Top Software Testing Trends In 2022

With the ever flourishing technology, there has been an enormous change in the software testing industry with the aid of newly enhanced tools and trends.

These advancements have brought a brighter side to many industries such as development, design, testing, delivery, etc.. These new adaptations have uplifted their quality, such that organizations are now focusing more on digital transformation to be on the top spot.

Agile and DevOps

Companies have acknowledged and endorsed Agile as a response to rapidly changing requirements and DevOps as a response to a need for speed. Agile is an approach to software development that accentuates gradual and phased delivery, team cooperation and association, and continuous planning. Testing will become an impending part of this development process, DevOps involves practices, rules, processes, and tools that help to integrate development and operation activities to reduce the time from development to operations i. e It blends both development and operations in order to shorten the life cycle and manage end-to-end processes. DevOps is a hugely accepted solution for Companies that are seeking ways to shorten the software lifecycles from development to delivery and operation. Thus, they are embracing Agile and DevOps processes to shorten the software lifecycles from development to delivery and operation and also to improve the quality of released products, which allows teams to develop and deliver quality software faster.

IoT Testing

With the rise of technology and the introduction of 5G, IoT is been in much demand, multiple research suggests that IoT is going to lead the market in near future. IoT plays an important part when it comes to 5G technology as it aids processing connectivity speed. Today, software testers are coming up with multiple ideas and trends where their principal area of concern is safety.

Test Automation

To implement DevOps practices effectively, the teams can’t ignore test automation as it is an essential component of the development process. They need to find opportunities to replace manual testing with automated testing. As test automation is considered to be an important bottleneck of DevOps, at the very least regression testing should be automated. Test Automation should be indubitably mentioned practice among some of the most prominent practices in Software Development. With the acceptance of DevOps and also the fact that test automation is underutilized, with less than 20% of testing being automated, there is a lot of chance to increase the incorporation of test automation in Companies. Currently, popular automation tools such as Selenium, Katalon, and TestComplete continue to evolve with more features that make automation much easier and more effective too.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Testing

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have substantially altered the value proposition and capabilities in the global business and industry. Companies are using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in software testing in many ways. The testing tools are developed using AI as part of a visual testing and self-healing mechanism. Visual testing will help testing teams in writing lesser tests for the user interface when performing functional testing. The self-healing mechanism solves the issues in test scripts, reduces test maintenance, and reduces the cost to build automated tests. It augments the quality of testing by quickly finding the bugs.

Big Data

With the increasing number of technologies, companies are now working on data of humongous volumes. Managing such a large amount of data needs appropriate attention and end-to-end testing is necessary to avert any failure. This testing aids in bettering business strategies and marketing tactics. it might not be surprising that it has gained so much popularity as we are progressing toward digitalization. They are relying on big data analytics, which will not just offer accuracy but is also more decisive and dependable in many facets. Hence big data testing helps in many data-driven decisions of various services and products.

Performance Engineering

User experience plays a pivotal role in the development phase of any technology, and Based on their behavior, corrections are being made and rolled out in the market. Even, the approach of developers is also shifting and bending toward the user’s requirement at each Software Development Life Cycle in order to maintain the smooth progress of the experience. Evidently, test goals of performance engineering have also adapted the monitoring performance of the software. Thus, performance engineering has been introduced as a replacement for performance tests for creating performance metrics.


Cybersecurity has been gaining attention for QA as well as for testers in the field of software testing. With the help of risk compliance, this exhilarates and improves the awareness among industries and also helps in enabling security before Software Development Life Cycle. This helps in understanding the loopholes that can be addressed on an immediate basis before getting hacked by cybercriminals and is one of the main reasons why it’s a crucial part of today’s world and will be more and more demanding in the near future.

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