Automation Testing

Benefits and Tips for Automated Testing

Automation Testing is the hottest software testing trend of this year and has become the critical promoter for a multitude of advanced development and deployment enactment.

1> Enhances Accuracy

Even the best of the best test engineers can make errors while doing manual testing Particularly while testing intricate use-cases, and failures may happens. Furthermore, automated tests can conduct them with 100% precision as they can churn out the same result every time it’s run.

2> Reusability of Test Suite

Primarily creating an automated test suite is onerous. And yet, once the suite is defined, it’s very fairly simple to reuse tests for other use-cases or projects. With an in-depth comprehension of an automated test suite setup and all the tools associated with it. Accordingly, it can effortlessly reproduce the expertise for setting – up test automation for a new project.

3> Superior Test Coverage

Manual testing lays down restrictions on how many tests can be verified. Nonetheless, Automation lets a tester to allocate time to concentrate on writing new tests and enumerating them to the automated test suite. Thus augmenting the test coverage for an app, such that more and more features are congruously tested eventuating in a product of superior quality.

4> Automated scalability

While the no. of test cases extends, more and more experts are necessary to perform manual testing. Automation testing is exceptionally scalable cause a better part of the job is completed automatically, and tester reciprocity is necessary only when employing an automation testing tool.

5> Gets rid of Human Error

Manual testing reveals a lot of the chance for human Errors; substantially for complicated and intricate test scenarios and is equitable to utilize test automation to steer clear of such errors.  Although there is still an inherent possibility of making errors, even in test automation, the rate of making errors is remarkably lessened while employing test automation.

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